PC & Laptop Repairs

If you have a computer hardware or software problem, it's best to get your PC or laptop repaired as a replacement may cost you more.  Finding out the problem with you PC is important, and it's always a promising idea to use top computer repair company in London.  IT Response Hub have expert computer engineers to fix any problem.   Our repair specialist can help diagnose and fix your IT issues.  Get in touch with the best pc repair company in London. 

Data Recovery

Data loss effects millions of users every year.  When a hard drive fails, or a web server suddenly loses power, computer users can face permanent file loss and cannot access important data and as a result they need to recover the effected device. The probmlem can cause loss of critical data, affecting your work. IT Response Hub provides advance data loss solutions for home and business users. Contact a data recover expert in London here to get a quotation today. 

Internet Security

Security on computers and networks is extremely important as there are all sorts of virus, phishing techniquess and ways that people can hack into your computer or network.  To prevent this, you need you need to have antivirus and anti-malware software and it neets to be setup properly. Cyber security should be taken seriously by everyong. Our internet security specialist can help setup the best software to protect your computer or network.  

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Malware Removal

Computer Malware may be your worst nightmare, so our engineers are well equipped with the industry standard malware software to remove any spyware from your system. Don't lose data and use a malware expert to help solve your IT software issues.  Benefit from our free PC health-check to find out if you have malware in your computer. We provide a free PC health check for our existing customers. 

Virus Removal

If you need a virus removal service near you in London, then we are your first point of contact to resolve the issue.  We have the best virus removal software on the market, and our technicians will fully customise the installation for your desktop or laptop. Our aim is to provide the ultimate protection for your computer against future threats. We use some of the best security software in the industry.  Get in touch with a PC expert here. 

Onsite & Remote Support

Our helpful staff are the first point of contact to determine whether you need onsite or remote support. Call us today and talk about your IT issues. Let us establish if we can fix the issue with quick remote support.  If we are unable to resolve the issue remotely, we will send out our IT engineer to your home or business premises. Our onsite service is offered in most parts of Central London and East London.  Call today to find out if we cover your London postcode.